We need to

to buy 

Center of NicholesRd
Gibbs Pond Rd
Smithtown Blvd

Smithtown Comprehensive Plan 
Suggests possibly of  purchasing Story Book Meadows property and making it parkland.  

STOP Story Book Meadows zoning density increase Both Town & County Planning Boards recommended the request be denied,.Next step is the Town Board
Location: Between Nichols Rd, Smithtown Blvd & Gibbs Pond Rd
The value of our homes and tranquility of our neighborhood is at stake

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its dangerous  

Please avoid Gibbs Pond if you can
A cup of coffee is not
worth your life be  careful entering or exiting The 7-11 


The County  purchased the 5.8 acre, 200 yr old Commerdinger homestead located in the center of Lilly Pond Park . Hopefully, the Walter S. Commerdinger Jr. pocket park w is an amazing addition to our neighborhood. It will become home to dozens of local activates, a museum, Audubon tours, guided boat tours.  If you would like a tour call 588-6161
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See the amazing 95 acre walking park around the corner from you

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The freshwater pond called Raconkamuck ( Ronkonkoa ) served as a boundary between lands occupied by four Indian communities: The word Raconkamuck translates as ``the boundary fishing

place'' in the Algonquian language. For over a hundred years oral tradition claimed that a crossroad within Lilly Pond Park was the place that the Nissequogue, Setauket, Secatogue and Unkechaug Sachems met to discuss tribal matters and disputes. Currently the NSCA is working with local Algonquians to establish the tradition as fact. 


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