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The Nesconset-Sachem Civic Association, Inc. is a Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation

formed by local residents in February 1993


Our mission is to preserve the tranquility, affordability and quality of life in the Sachem

sections of Nesconset and Lake Grove.


Our charter calls for 9 Trustee families. Trustee families decide what issues the association

will become involved in. They are polled by telephone, converse with each other and render

their votes by phone. We believe this is a faster and more affective way to address serious

issues. Trustees are elected by membership vote.


The membership and board meet annually. Recently a ballot was sent to members asking if

we should meet quarterly rather than annually.


We do hold several meetings each year that pertain to specific problems and invite

concerned residents.


Our association is non-partisan, issue driven civic that:

    Informs the entire community of votes, events & health issues that affect the community;

    Endorses candidates based on their support of our community rather than party affiliations;

    Forms committees and studies issues before seeking support;

    Forms Watches and coordinates police and town departments for blocks facing criminal

    and thug-like intimidation;

    Appeal, intervene or litigate against municapal decisions, legislation or litigation that

     negatively impacts us;

    Challenge equalization rates that unfairly raze taxes;

    Develop strong bonds with elected officials and departments to insure that we get our fair

     share of services;

    Review agendas and or attend town, school and zoning meetings;

    Communicate with over 30 civic associations throughout the state and 400 L. I. civic activists.


Our accomplishments include:

     Successfully Intervening in the matter of the Peconic Baykeeper -v - S uffolk County

     Legislature resulting in the continual spraying of mosquitoes;

     Convinced the DEC to spray our wet lands when West Nile mosquitoes were found;

     Lowered Nesconset-Sachem property taxes $1,200 per household by challenging

     equalization rates and block reassessment;

     Developed legislation that ended double Library taxation for 1,000 taxpayers;

     Changed 1500 zip codes that tremendously increased home values.    


A message from our Chairman

Its time to take our Island Back. High energy costs and ever increasing

taxation are the two main reasons more and more of us are kissing our

children and parents goodbye as the move to places that they can afford.

The only way to stop the exodus is to stop voting party lines and start

voting issues. If we remove a few deserving Democrats and Republicans

from office. The parties will listen. After all isn't it better to say goodbye to

a state senator than your mom?

Fred Gorman