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Click for a map of the LI Aquifer System. It will help you understand the below links.
 Click for aerial view of the effected area

Click for the 1986
Lake Ronkonkoma Clean Lake Study. It is the most recent study concerning flooding.
click for 1980 H2M, Drainage & Groundwater Solutions Report ... Volume 3. 
Click for 1980 H2M, Drainage & Groundwater Solutions Report ... Volume 2.
Click for 1980  H2M, Drainage & Groundwater Relief Report ... Volume 1
Click for 1999 Effects Of Development Of The Ground-Water Flow System Of
Click for 2004 Statistical Analysis of Long-Term Hydrologic Records
for USGS monitored groundwater levels through our area from 1979 to present
Click for Long Term monitoring of Well S-1812 Near Romkonkoma

 Click for the 1983 Extensive clay unit report. The report explores the clay beneath mid-Suffolk A/K/A 
Smithtown Clay”. Clay can create a higher water pressure above the clay than below. Water seeks  to equalize  this pressure. To accomplish this water will  flow horizontally over the clay until it reaches  the  lowest level of  water pressure. The Smithtown Clay tilts from north to south. The southern end of the Smithtown Clay ends at Lake Ronkonkoma.  The horizontal flow of water above the clay can cause the ground water to rise and mound in  low-lying areas..  A significant removal of clay in the correct location(s) on a clay lens may relive the water pressure above the clay resulting in the water above the clay draining into the surface below the clay to equalize pressure. 

Click for monthly rainfall on Brookhaven labs from 1949 to 2006. Brookhaven Labs is the closest sampling to our area. The Lab is at similar elevation and is in a North-central Island location similar to o