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STOP Story Book Meadows density increase to 228 Apartments
Story Book Meadows (Al Hornberger) is seeking a zoning density increase of 20%. (228 Apartments in the Smithtown Blvd & Mary’ La (South Section)  He is also seeking  zone changes from R-15 that effect the Story Book Meadows Located at Gibbs Pond Road (North Section ), The additional changes convince me Story Book Meadows is planning to build more apartments in the North Section. We could be looking at 500 to 0 apartments if Story Book Meadows gets their reques 

Our Bullet Points

Removal Of Covenants
1, 6, 7 & 9; To achieve RC zoning in 1997, Story Book Meadows agreed to 10 restrictive covenants. Without the restrictive covenants the Town Board would never have agreed to the zone change. Self inflicted hardship is no reason to remove these covenants. Changes to covenants should always be in accordance with the original purpose and intent of the covenant.. Removing covenants 1, 6, 7 & 9 should only be considered if the property is being down zoned to its original zoning.

Request tO Increasing DENSITY by 20%.  Any increase of density on this property requires a new Environmental Impact Statement (ELS)  State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and new site plan. The existing EIS, SEQRA and site plan are 22  years old.  Since 1995,   Environmental science,  Smart Growth Planning, Aging in Place guidelines, knowledge of the area’s geology  and local flooding have changed so much over the  past twenty years that permitting the existing 192  senior complex  to move forward requires a new or at least a segmental ELS and modern site plan. The 1195 ELS & 1991 site plan  do not meet 2016 standards.

Since the original EIS and site plan:

  • Storm-water flooding in the area is a re-occurring problem effecting three thousand residents, Gibbs Pond Road and Nichols Road.  It has been geology established, that below surface clay will impact the ability of the site’s runoff absorption and retention mitigation, Two Catch basins, leaching pools and ground absorption may not be enough to keep runoff and ground water on the property 
  • Federal, State, County and Town Governments have spent millions to reduce flooding in this area 
  • The property is in the northern party of the Lake Ronkonkoma watershed. Runoff is a serious threat to the lake. The County has spent millions collecting and recharging runoff from Gibbs Pond Road to Hawkins Avenue. The recharge system has experienced several overflows into the Great Bog
  • The property is in the Lake Ronkonkoma Watershed. Approximately 50 yards from Spectacle Pond and 200 yards from 90 acres of land (Lilly Pond Park) taken by eminent domain to protect the lake
  • The Complex’s site plan resembles a 1970’s garden apartment complex and does not meet current Smart Growth Planning or Aging in Place guidelines.  Without a new site plan you can not determine if the property can even support 192 retirement community units
  • The subject property has a WalkScore of 58 out of 100 possible points. That is dangerous
  • There are no bus routes east or west along Smithtown Blvd
  • There is no full service supermarket, department store, mall or downtown center that is walkable
  • The ability for Senior Citizens to safely walk  to small shops and offices is questionable
  • The walkways and parking fields do not comply with aging in place guidelines
  • There are not enough parking to accommodate current retirement community smart growth living standards
  • There are too many one bedroom apartments and not enough two bedroom apartments
  • The 1991 site plan has one in & out lane egress on to an “E” classified road

Story Brook Meadows Documentation

    Click to view  Video of Smithtown Planing Board  March 2, 2016 meeting 
  Click to view Video of Smithtown Planing Board  Feb. 17, 2016 meeting 
Click to view  Suffolk County Planning Commission declarers SMB application incomplete  
  Click to view Suffolk County Planning Commission Staff Report
    Click to view SBM-Town of Smithtpwn Postponements
 Click to view  SBM Planning Dept Review 
Click to view  SBM SS Environmental Assessment
     Click to view  SBMSS Descriptions of Property
     Click to view  SBM SS NS
TOS Petition
     Click to view  SMB-NS Zone Changes to RC Retirement Communiyt
     Click to view  SBM SS Apartment Map
     Click to view  SBM SS 1992 Zone Change
     Click to view  SBM SS NS 1992 Zone Change 2
     Click to view  SBM SS 1992  Disposition
     Click to view  SBM covenants
     Click to view  SBM covenants
     Click to view  SBM FLYER 1